Friday, October 19, 2012

Siriraj hospital doctors, that the discovery of stem cells

Faculty of medicine Siriraj hospital hospital said yesterday that succeeded it by creating the world's first pure stem cells from human amniotic fluid.

Dr. Charnchai Wanthanasiri, head of the Department of obstetrics, said that stem cells derived from the human body often have limitations, because researchers are usually able to take so much tissue organs development of cell cultures relevant research.

Dr. Charnchai said the Department provides services to birth and used tissues from umbilical cords and placentas of the delivery process. Provided the Department with suitable material in order to carry out research on stem cells.

Dr. Supakdi Julwichitpong, head of research, stem cell therapy, said that the results will be used to combat disease neuro degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson 's.

Dr. Thassanee Permthai, a researcher for the breakthrough, said that stem cells from amniotic fluid may be grown on several cell types of the body. Stem cells have a high degree of purity, are very fast and can be stored for a long time. They can be prepared quickly, using a new technique that is more efficient.

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